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Parkwood are wholesalers, and we do organise special pricing for you through our large number of local retailers in every part of the country. Please do contact us for details.

Is your front door exposed to the elements?

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Natural timber twists when exposed to the elements

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Our unique range of insulated doors, offering superior technological advances


Our low maintenance/extreme weather doors made from composite materials

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Choose from a wide selection across our entire range.

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Introducing New Zealand's largest range of doors

We are a proud, family owned company located in the wonderful city of Wanganui, New Zealand, that has spent the past fifteen years building a reputation for quality doors and shutters. Our expertise lies in creating or supplying the perfect door to give that all-important first impression – whether it comes from our existing range, or is custom built by our engineers to meet your needs.

Our Story
Made to measure from Colonial to Contemporary.
The entrance to your home creates the first impression and sets the stage for what is to follow. At Parkwood we create doors to complement both modern and heritage style homes.
Coming from New Zealand – one of the most beautiful countries on earth – we appreciate and rely on the natural beauty and purity of our environment and the quality of the timber grown in our forests. We do not take these things for granted and we do all we can to protect our environment and safeguard it for future generations.
For more than 20 years, Parkwood has been manufacturing, supplying and installing all kinds of doors; from traditional wooden villa styles to the very latest contemporary designs. We use traditional door craftsmanship coupled with innovative technology to ensure all our doors perform for years and years to come.