What is the biggest/smallest I can have my door?

Click here to view the full list of the maximum and minimum size for our doors.



Can I specify the size of glass on a Duramax door?

No, as the vision panels are made with special cassettes the size is not adjustable.


As Duramax vision panels are set sizes what are they?

The overall sizes (including beading) for Duramax doors (refer to end of the Duramax code):

AR24 – 240x520mm

AR11 and AR23 – 250x200mm

P1 – 965x610mm

AR9 and AR21 – 1268x250mm

AR10 – 1676x254mm

F4O/T and P2 – 960x250mm


Can I choose where the glass is located on a Duramax door?

Yes, if it is within the tolerances of the door i.e. not too close to the edge or too close to another vision panel or lock.


How thick is the glass in the Duramax double glazed doors? 

23mm tempered double glazing (6mm / 11mm air / 6mm).


What are the main components in a Duramax door?

Fibreglass, LVL, Rigid Polyurethane Foam, Composite resin.


What is the maximum size you can supply a Duramax door?

The maximum door size a Duramax door can be is 2400 x 1060 although some designs the maximum size is 1980x860.


My frame is not square can I still use a Duramax door?

Yes, Duramax can be planed just like a timber door so if your frame is out of square you can take off a small amount from the required edge of the door.


Do Duramax doors require to be primed before painting?

Yes, it is best to use a primer that has ‘fibreglass’ included in the suitable surfaces, as it helps with the longevity of the finish. Dulux Precision Maximum Strength Adhesion Primer or Resene Quick Dry Primer Undercoat are recommended. Please note prepping the door before priming is an essential step.


How do I paint a Duramax door?

Click here to view painting instructions for a Duramax door.


Can you paint Duramax doors at Parkwood? Or do we have to paint it ourselves?

Yes, Parkwood can pre paint your chosen door. It’s best if we also machine it for hardware to avoid scratching the door further down the line.

Provide the brand, colour, and if possible the colour code/number.

(Please allow an extra 2 weeks leadtime if we are painting)


How do I stain a Duramax door?

First you need to ensure your Duramax door has a woodgrain finish (not smooth). Using a brush or rag, apply two coats of Cabot’s Stain & Varnish or Resene Colourwood Pigmented stain to all surfaces of the door. Leave for recommended time and wipe off excess. Allow to dry then repeat. Apply three coats of Cabot’s Exterior Clear or Wattyl Estapol Exterior Clear (or suitable alternative) sanding lightly between coats. Click here to see in depth instructions.


How can you tell which side the lock block is on a Duramax door?

There should be a sticker indicating the side of the lock block on the bottom of the door. If this is missing for some reason tap along on the door and you will be able to hear the difference and locate the lock block.


How do you drill for a lock and hinges on a Duramax door?

It's just like a timber door, click here to watch a video.


I just bought a Duramax door. How much can I trim off it?

General rule of thumb is 10mm off every edge can be taken off, but some designs are unable to be trimmed.



What are the standard powder-coat colours for Aluminium doors?

Click here to view our standard powder-coat colours, these colours are included in the price of the door, other colours occur an additional charge.


Can I choose the size of glass on an Aluminium door?

In most cases the size of glass changes with the size of the doors as the rails and stiles are a set size resulting in not being able to choose the glass size. The only exceptions are the CFLs with vision panels and the Thermtek TGV with vision panels; these doors you can request certain sized vision panels.


What is the max thickness an Aluminium door can be supplied?

50mm but only on Thermtek TGV, CFL, 3VV, and 3HV – everything else it is 41mm


Can I have an Aluminium door wet sprayed?

Parkwood do not offer wet spraying of aluminium doors, but we can supply the door in a mill finish to be wet sprayed elsewhere.


Can I replace my old timber door with an Aluminium door?

Yes, providing the following conditions;

If the frame is timber, it needs to be square (you can’t alter the shape of an aluminium door). If the frame isn’t square, then a Duramax door (which can be trimmed) would be ideal.

If you are using standard 100x75mm hinges you can purchase hinge packers off us.

If the frame is aluminium you should be able to re use the hinges.


I am interested in an aluminium door and live in a High Wind Zone area. What is the most appropriate door to order?

We recommend a Thermtek door for high wind areas.


What doors do Parkwood request to machine the lock in?

We recommend that you get us to machine out for the locks in our Thermtek CFL, 3HV and 3VV doors. As we have had feedback from customer and builders saying that it is very hard to machine into these doors and we want to make your life easier.


What is width of the core boards on our Strata TGV – standard width doors?



Do you offer sandwich panels? If so what thickness is available?

Yes, we offer flat poly core sandwich panels at 22mm thick.



What stain do you recommend for your timber doors?

We recommend using Sikkens HLS as the base coat and two coats of Sikkens Filter 7.


How do I paint a timber door?

Ensure to door is clean and dust free, lightly sand if necessary. Prime the door with an oil-based primer to prevent tannins from the wood seeping through into the paint, allow to dry. We recommend Resene Wood Primer. Two coats should be applied on dark timber and timber with high amounts of tannins Apply at least two coats of exterior grade paint, leaving to fully dry between coats. We recommend using a satin or semi-gloss finish on your door. Always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the paint.


Do you make timber stable style doors?

Yes we do, although it does depend on the style of door whether it is possible.


If I supply the timber can you make the door?

No, we only use our 6 selected timbers: Hemlock, Cedar, Pine, Vulcan, American White Ash and Rosewood.


Do you make adjustable shutters?

Yes, we call them Retro shutters.


What interior moulds do Parkwook offer?

Traditional, Pioneer, Victorian, Villa, Bungalow, and Interior Architectural Range.


Interior paint quality doors have what thickness flat panel?



Do you make interior hollow core doors?

No, all are interior doors are made of solid timber (please note that paint quality doors contain customwood and stain quality doors may have veneer flat panels)


Do you make pre-hung interior doors?

No, we only supply the door panel.


Can I get barn door tracks from Parkwood as well as the door?

Yes, Parkwood have 5 options of tracks, and available up to 6m long (with a joiner in the middle).



Do Parkwood offer a measure and quote service?

No, we just manufacture the doors.


I have just receiced a quote for a Parkwood door and it says 'Machine for: Standard Lock Machining' what locks does this include?

Click here to view full list of what Parkwood consider a standard lock.


Can I buy direct off Parkwood?

As we are the manufacturer we do not sell direct to the general public, we work through a network of resellers. You can purchase through any merchant, i.e. Mitre 10, Bunnings, ITM, Placemakers and Carters, or Click here for local resellers in your area.


How long is your warranty period for Aluminium, timber, Duramax, and Commercial doors?

Aluminium = 10 years, timber = 5 years, Duramax = 10 years, and Commercial doors = 10 years