Parkwood premium solid timber doors are hand-crafted by our team of skilled tradespeople, and designed to suit your unique home and style.

Designed for use in weather-protected entranceways, these doors are made from the finest sustainably sourced, quality timbers.

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Entrance Door Frames

Parkwood can pre-hang your entrance doors in solid timber frames.  A natural timber frame adds considerable value to your entrance, and allows for quick installation. 

Parkwood entry frames are generally made in hardy timbers such as Rosewood, Vulcan+ and Pine, and have a weather seal on all jambs as shown below. 

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Timber Types

Parkwood's solid timber doors are made from a range of timbers that is both reliable for joinery, and sustainably sourced.   It is suited to New Zealand weather conditions, and has options that are priced within everyone's budget, whilst still providing varied options in colours and grains to suit almost any door design.   

Paint quality doors have exterior grade ply that is vee grooved. Stain quality doors have TGV boards Ex 100x25



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