The smarter interior door - The answer for all interior wet areas. PU dense foam core provides excellent insulation rating with no rotting, swelling or twisting.

Offering you superior durability for high-traffic areas, water resistance for bathrooms, kitchens and other wet areas, smooth fibreglass skins for a hygienic finish, excellent stability and exceptional impact resistance.

Low sound transmission and high insulation as a result of the PU dense foam core, R-value of 0.75 (calculated as per ISO 10077-1 Third Edition 2017-6). Straight and stable, no bowing due to LVL stiles. No swelling or breakdown thanks to the fully sealed composite PVC resin edges on 4 sides of door

Comes with a 10 year warranty.

Sizes available (35mm thick):                               

FTS1980710             1980 X 710

FTS1980760             1980 X 760

FTS1980810             1980 X 810

FTS1980860             1980 X 860


Available pre-hung in cavity slider

 CSPFFTS1980710               1980 X 710

 CSPFFTS1980760               1980 X 760

 CSPFFTS1980810               1980 X 810

 CSPFFTS1980860               1980 X 860

FTS DURAMAX door can be trimmed 10mm in overall height and width

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